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I really appreciate all the generous support and advice, that’s great, thank you.

It went well – I did wake up this morning going, oh, I said too much on that and not enough on this but that’s fine, you can never get anything perfect (my mantra for today!).

Yes, Angela is great and I’m a big fan of her’s – I’ve done a couple stories on her for She Inspires and she even quoted one of them on air which was lovely – http://www.sheinspires.com.au/social-media-tips has both of them.

Angela’s invited me back but then she might do that to all her guests!

But I’m seeing her on Friday night as she’s presenting at the Social Media for Small Business Success seminar I’m putting on. She’s really stoked that I’ve got the new Small Business Commissioner and the State Transport Minister coming along so I’m rather chuffed that I’ve impressed Angela!

Apparently the show will be podcast once the new 2SSR 99.7fm website is launched so I’ll share that once I have it.