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John C.
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Safe Skies, post: 90304 wrote:
Thank you very much guys I will be trying this in a bit, just to confirm, if I enable imap on my gmail and business emails they will sync, or I sign up to google doc?



Hmmmm… I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

Enabling IMAP will mean that that email account will be synchronised across all of the devices which you configure for that email account. It won’t mean that your two unrelated email accounts will be synchronised to each other.

There’s no need to use Google Docs for anything. Google Apps is an option if your business email account doesn’t offer IMAP.

Enabling IMAP on an existing Gmail account is a simple and relatively straight-forward process with very few likely problems.

If you do want to sign up for Google Apps and convert your business email address over, I recommend you take some time to read through all the instructions and make sure you understand the entire process as it does often catch people out.

Good luck and feel free to ask if you’re not sure.