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Hi Ron.

We’ve engaged the services of local and overseas based support providers and had very mixed results. As with many things, you often get what you pay for.

Whilst the overseas providers are often significantly cheaper than local, please be aware of the following:

Time Zone- It can be frustrating working with someone based in a different timezone, often having to communicate via email with replies received the following day. Can be an issue if time is a factor.
Communication- Whilst you may be dealing with an English speaker, sometimes the true meaning of your request may be misinterpreted. For example, I asked for a child-friendly themed website ‘with a bit of a Disney feel’. What I got was a website with Disney copyrighted images all over it.
Protecting your brand- You have little control over the way telemarketers represent your business. This can obviously damage your reputation.

Local providers may be more expensive however they are more easily monitored and easier to contact.

If price is a major issue and you really want to source your help overseas, I would recommend a service like the one King mentioned… Overseas support with a local representative.