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The Infotainer
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Day 1- we had some nice crowds of people with plenty of potential customers

I like working for Pattens because Bruce the boss, he has a strange business

some of the services he provides make him money where other things his business does makes no money at all and are there just to provide help to people, I like this way of thinking, There were times when in the slower parts of the day- Bruce would take the time out to speak for 10 minutes to a person who obviously (through being qualified) was not a customer that Pattens would make money out of, but Bruce is a passionate person and just walked the guy through several options, it is good to be around Pattens, they are successful but more importantly they, after 30 years still have the passion.

if your into exporting or even just starting out- pattens can help you and here is the great news:

NO GRANT NO FEE, if they don’t get a grant- they don’t charge you- that’s confidence

1 more day to go- I gotta get some sleep