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bradzo, post: 90469 wrote:
Hi Nick

No “kickitdeals” came up #1 in Google, with “www.kickitdeals.com” as the 1st result. (phrase match!)

Clicked on the 1st result and got taken to http://www.kickitdeals.com so no drama there.

Right, now a question from an old (49yo) soccer player – I have a bodgy knee, but love my soccer – any tips on how I can play again? (Unless I go for an over 65 team…..?) :)

Good on you Nick – all the best.


Hey mate,
Thanks for that.

There are plenty of older guys who play soccer with problems like yours. I suggest going to your local physiotherapist, they can do some amazing things these days with the equipment they have.

Not sure about your options with your local team as I’m under 30 and only play with players all about under that age :)

Good luck and thanks again for checking!