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B Cooper
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Hey Nick,

We haven’t chat in a while. I’ve actually had a very similar experience with one of my sites. It was redirected to a Russian army website – pretty strange.

Fixed it by installing the BP Security plugin. This helps prevent problems like this happening in the future :)


NickHumphries, post: 90467 wrote:
Hi there guys,
Apart from my web design business, I also am involved with a online soccer store. KickItDeals.com

I just did a quick search of “kickitdeals” on google, and my site redirected to a site called “soccerscorner” which I have no affiliation with and never heard of. I want to make sure that before I do a security check of my code, that this this redirection is happening to everyone.
So can you please do a search of “kickitdeals” and tell me if this is happening for you?

Thanks everyone,