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No I don’t do A/B testing.

But thanks

Steve_Minshall, post: 90802 wrote:
Hi Nick,

When I clicked on the search result I got ‘soccerscorner’ but when I went back and clicked it again I got ‘kickitdeals’ then when I went back I got ‘soccerscorner’. I did this about 10 times and the 2 sites were consistantly alternated.

I know google can deliver different versions of the same page for testing purposes but not different web sites. Are you doing any testing with google web master tools that could be throwing up this alternative on every other click? (I didn’t re-search just went back to the same page of result)

I don’t know how the google alternative view thing works because I haven’t used it but I know you can do it and this just made think this is what it would look like, only 2 completely different sites set up rather than 2 versions of the same page.

Sorry if I’ve just thrown a random thought in there that may not help.