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JacquiPryor, post: 90522 wrote:
Hi Nat,

You can see the class headings here.
I note that these are general headings of the type of product/service included in a class. The full list is a book of substantial size – if you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can tell you where it goes. (You will see that the class 35 heading doesn’t even mention retail!)

If you register your trademark and nominate only:

Class: 35 Retailing of goods (by any means); presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; retail services; wholesaling of goods (by any means)

This is all you are registered for, and all you can claim you are registered for; This represents you are registering a trademark, essentially, for a shop name (be it physically or online)

Why would you register another class if this covers everything? – Simple answer, it doesn’t :)

Think, for example “Coca Cola” – this is a soft drink, not the service of retailing goods etc. Think McDonalds and the Golden Arches – these ‘brands’ represent food products and restaurant/take away services not necessarily the “retailing of goods” etc – these examples cover goods/services not in class 35 at all, as per your example.

If you are purely using a name/logo or ‘brand’ for retail purposes – great, that should just about cover you. If, purely as an example, you plan to produce a clothing label, as well as operate retail premises by the same name – you would also need class 25 for ‘clothing’.

Hope that helps? Will monitor the thread should you have further questions.
Thanks for your reply and help, TM is one thing that will continue to baffle me lol.

So basically (excuse my pregnant brain as its not working at the moment, the simplest of things just aren’t getting through lol)..

If I were to TM my name as “business name” and have my classes as ones relevant to what I do (homewares wooden products ect) and then if I get this class, does it mean that no one else can use this name if they are breaching my classes or does this class (35) prevent anyone from using it say if they wanted to have the same business name but were trading in something completely different like a food outlet, where there is a significant difference in what they do. ( I really hope that makes sense lol)

From what I always understood if you are using a TM name but not infringing on the classes they have TM (and there was a significant difference in businesses) then there wasn’t anything they could do, which is why I’m wondering about this one. (just really want to understand it all a bit better before I start saving to take my hobby into a business lol)