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Designers are primarily just that – a graphic designer. They do all the design up and make it look “pretty”. Some designers can also code the frontend of the website (html, css) and some don’t; even though Javascript is technically frontend coding it’s more of a developer thing than a designer thing. ;)

Web Developers can usually handle the frontend coding (html, css, javascript) AND the backend coding (php, .net, ruby etc) as well as the database programming such as MySQL.

Not every site needs backend coding – though most will require a small amount such as the script that will handle the contact form submission for example.

websitedesigner, post: 90637 wrote:
Yep and if you are a freak who does both, you’re a diviner

No offense to you if you do both, but I would avoid people that state they do both….. you know what they say; A jack of all trades, a master of none. :)

However some companies can handle all the work for you under the one roof as they have multiple people working on different parts of it such as one for the design and another for the programming and/or work with subcontractors that handle the stuff they don’t specialise in. :)