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Tony Pfitzner, post: 90851 wrote:
I don’t want to sound too dogmatic about this, but I guess my opinions have hardened over the last year or two. To really promote a site well you need an arsenal of tools for on-page seo, sitemap generation, spam blocking, social media integration and automation, mobile capability etc etc, and possibly site specific applications.

All of these requirements can be met with simple plugins using WordPress, but may not be available with another CMS with a smaller market and less active development. There is also a smaller technical support base and user community – hence higher costs – with other CMSs.

The biggest issue is if your CMS does not have these capabilities, then the job either will not get done, or you will have to pay for custom coding. I think in a lot of cases it is the former that applies.

Yeah I see what you’re saying. What I was just trying to get across was if the other CMS was just as good (including everything you need) then there is no-reason not to consider it just because WP is better known.

Just like with products like music players for example… I choose to make an informed decision rather than just buy an iPod just because it’s the most well known and marketed.