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Looks like a pretty comprehensive list Gab!

Advice on the Videos;

Try to have the content remain evergreen – as a strategy your filmed product might cover the broader guidelines/ideas on each topic but then you could include a link to your website for a downloadable PDF which then enables you to update that regularly as SEO strategies etc… change without the need to re-film.

In Beginners add the following topics;

The Importance Of Using Google Analytics
This could include something like popular keywords, blogging strategies to enhance success, engagement results, setting up goals etc..

Google Dance is probably a pretty popular subject which often alleviates peoples concerns in the early days of SEO. Might be worth explaining.

Monitoring Your Efforts
We use raven tools but it’s probably not for everyone. However, tracking changes made onpage and setting markers then monitoring rankings can give some real insights for seo. Also just having multiple keywords set up to watch ranking changes (Market Samurai is also great for this and cost effective for small businesses with one or a few websites)


You could do something like ‘Beyond SEO’ but i’m not sure if you do that. I know a lot of people that say ‘ok so we ranked, now what?’ They can see they have decent traffic but they have no idea what to do next. Things like split testing, creating a subscriber database for future marketing etc… PS: If you finish this course and want to include this last concept you could refer them on to us :) We do this service along with web design for some other SEO agencies at the moment and it’s been working really well.