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Hi Nick

My thoughts are, that I would look to try to find what your target customer perceives to be their most pressing problem that your services would solve. Try to find out the fear or frustration they are feeling, what’s keeping them up at night. Find out what words they use to describe the problem create a USP and logo around your findings.

A few years ago we re launched our business and went ahead and created our brand, logo and USP based on what we thought our customers needed. When the penny dropped that we needed to understand what our customer really wanted, it was very different to what we thought. So we scrapped our brand and re branded UncoverHiddenProfits.com and marketing and lead generation has been so much easier since.

The change was very costly, so hopefully you can do some research before you spend big money on re branding and avoid the mistake we made.


PS. I have some free articles at uncoverhiddenprofits.com and some blog posts at http://uncoverhiddenprofits.blogspot.com/ that may help if you want to have a browse