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Hi G,

There are a few crucial factors of any direct mail marketing campaign and you have the first one nailed – a good offer.

– I’d recommend creating a call to action + adding urgency – if this is an unlimited offer they are more likely to act on it at a later stage (which may not eventuate. If they know they need to act soon, it’s more likely they’ll act on it right away).

– Quality, eye catching design is crucial.

– First contact with potential stockers shouldn’t be the last. Sure you’ll probably get some great results the first time around if all bases are covered, but you will typically see MUCH higher response rates the 3/4th time they have recieved your advertisement or had contact from you.

In regards to the offer, I think it’s a great one! Especially the ability to return in 30 days if not selling well. When I was in the retail world, managing a book store (where a similar offer is quite frequently used) this often compelled us to make larger orders of a particular title (especially new ones, by little known authors).

Good luck!