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I believe we have all mentored or been mentored in some form or another over the years, maybe at the time we might not have picked it but later realised that either someone has had an effect on our lives or we have been fortunate to pass on something positive. I also think that with the Internet and search engines like Google many now short circuit finding someone to mentor and guide them and just look things up. For factual answers the Internet is excellent but when subjects need to be tempered with the wisdom of experience, I don’t believe this to be as effective as someone imparting knowledge in an interactive and connected way.

I formally mentor, both for financial reward as part of my business offering but also pro bono to give back from all the benefit I have had with excellent mentors along the way to where I am now. Pro bono includes both formal and informal – the formal for a number of years in the form of the NSW Trade & Investment (formally NSW Industry and Investment and before that DSIR) Women in Business, Young Entrepreneur and Over 45 Entrepreneur Programs (no longer run) and Also as part of the government’s Enterprise Connect program. From personal experience on these programs can say that a common theme is always growth in ability, skills and confidence for the participants. For anyone considering mentoring (that’s to be mentored or to mentor) I have no hesitation recommending these types of programs.