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DigitalDomination, post: 100218 wrote:
John, can you explain your rule of thumb a bit more, I’m pretty good with maths but that doesn’t make much sense to me?
I should revise my “rule of thumb”. The traffic escalation is not as dramatic as it used to be, or more to the point Google has changed its indexing methodology.

There was a time when G “sat on” a new domain for a time – some called it the “sandbox”.

G still seems to be restraining it indexing of new domains. I often see it index a bunch of a site’s pages but then drop some of the pages from its cache for a period of time.

I speculate it is some form of anti-spam function.

I find the prolonged traffic growth is more dramatic with larger sites than smaller ones as G seems to take its time about indexing all the pages of a new, large site.