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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Don’t knock it till you try it. I am just going by experience (mine and others).

I would not waste money on 5000 untested flyers. $1000 in the information age goes a long way. $2000 can be the beginning of a 6 figure business.

The experts prefer google adwords for testing headlines and copy. It doesnt cost hundreds and the results are pretty instant.

30 mins a day on optimising marketing tactics will do wonders.

By the way, i am not in the business of google adwords or flyers or anything right now as im not taking on clients. my advice is unbiased, based on extensive research and experience.;)

Shell@DesignPrintDeliver, post: 100775 wrote:
This would be pointless for a letterbox/business campaign as the numbers are just too small. Looking at 2000-5000 of each type would be more realistic (and still cost effective for a small business). You’d be looking at about $600 for 5000 flyers delivered and printed so for around $1000 you could do a really good introductory test of headlines for example.

Feel free to send me a message if you want any more info or pricing etc, I’m sure I’d be able to help :)