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Well let’s see now,… you can get KLEENEX® Deluxe Toilet Tissue embossed towel in a roll of 400 sheets for $0.95 if you bulk buy. Then it’s just the cost of a few of those 4 colour pens we all loved so much in 5th grade. Some sweatshop labour for a few dollars,… and you could probably come up with something decent enough to wipe the dog with for somewhere near that price.

Good design and good business are not helped in any way shape or form by “cheap” printing. Or cost saving because of it. Good design is not “good design” when the stock is nasty, scuffed, unsealed, the fold is not scored, the ink is not registered,.. etc etc.

Pay for it and ask for quality. If you don’t understand the difference seek out someone who does.
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