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David@Verve Recruitment
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Bluemoon, post: 103126 wrote:
… the V word has already been mentioned a few times hmmm yes, an Electrician gave me one of his from Vista… very thin, uncoated & with a white reverse saying FREE from Vista on the back…. fine for a jobbing electrician I guess, cheap & not so cheerful!

I’m quite sure that Vista Print offer a range of qualities. The free items that we’ve received don’t have Vista Print on them. The cheap business cards we got when we first started out were of average quality, but then we paid peanuts and as such didn’t have high expectations. We’ve since got much nicer ones which look great but cost far more. But for a startup, tight on budget I’d say get the $40 ones, and if you’re not happy with them get some nicer ones when you can.