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LemonChip, post: 98826 wrote:
is there any reason good or bad for allowing or not allowing those comments to be made?
If you’ve worked carefully to craft a blog post to target certain keywords, comments may destroy those efforts totally. There’s one good reason for not allowing certain comments.

LemonChip, post: 98826 wrote:
In every blog post I make I’ll include a link to my own site just to get some small amount of SEO value from it. Does allowing those comments dilute that value for my website? Are there any other factors at play here either positive or negative that I should be considering?
Any page/post has a certain amount of “link juice”. You pass a little bit of that juice to your own site when linking to it. So by allowing a comment link (that doesn’t have “rel=nofollow” in the href tag) then you’re also passing some of that link juice over to them.

By the way, if you don’t know what rel=nofollow means, do some research! This will give you some insight into how stop that link juice linking all over the net!

LemonChip, post: 98826 wrote:
Is it worthwhile for me to comment on other related industry blogs in an attempt to get an anchored link to my website? Is there an etiquette with these sorts of things or is it just a free for all?
You”ll find that a huge percentage of other blogs will have rel=nofollow on any links in the blog posts, although there are some “dofollow” blogs that are a small exception. Just like social networking, there is a real benefit from engaging with other blogs in your niche. Just treat it like this forum… don’t be spammy and always add value.