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Phillip Parisis, post: 100095 wrote:
I would love to know who has done the research in the States???… Cause i can tell you some of my real retail clients have been sold a QR code solution by some marketing people and they all had the same result… more questions, more confusion from the customers, in the too hard basket. Loss of sales.

As i said for me its my experience in the real trenches of retail and consumers in Australia.
Hi Phillip,
Rather than QR codes being on the way out, I’d suggest they are just starting to gain traction. QR codes have been around for a long time but smartphones have not. This has been the first impediment to their adoption. The second has been marketers. I’d say the damn is just starting to burst. Here is a small sample of research, major retailer’s and brand’s announcments from the last month or so…

18 Nov 11: Walmart, Kmart, Sears and eBay Offering ‘Real’ Online Shopping
“Walmart isn’t alone in this experiment: This year, Sears (SHLD), Kmart, and eBay (EBAY) have all launched retail experiments that put their websites on sidewalks and in malls… Sears and Kmart now have “mobile toy walls”: interactive ads in airports and subways that display images of products alongside Quick Response codes. The QR codes… take shoppers to an online checkout when scanned by smart-phones.”

Oct 11: 2D Codes In Magazines Increase 228%, Nellymoser Survey Says
“A new survey of the country’s top 100 magazines (according to circulation) finds that the number of mobile action codes significantly rose 476% from January 2011 to September 2011.”

Some major brands that are now using them:

17 Nov 11: Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven’s Arctic Home QR Code Campaign

30 Nov 11: JC Pennys using QR Codes

Even Microsoft announced today that it is falling into line…
15 Dec 11: Microsoft Tag App To Embrace QR, NFC

I think we will see astronomical growth in their use before they are superseded.

I sympathise with your problem with retail failure here. It seems to me the awareness impetus needs to start in print – magazines, catalogues, not at the point of sale.

We are certainly behind in awareness but this will change and it is likely to emerge faster in certain demographic groups. Eg First home buyers are the right age group – watch for QR codes emerging in the real estate industry. The entertainment industry that tatgets the under 35s would possibly be another. If I was in retailer that target this age group I’d be watching it like a hawk and given that the cost of QR code promotion can be negligible, I’d be testing right now, not waiting. :)

Best regs,