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Phillip P
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Exactly! So your not only trying to make them spend your trying to educate consumers on how to use this QR thingy… right?

When someone is faced with two choices they WILL usually walk away as its just to hard.

Look im not saying i DONT and WONT use them… im telling you from a REAL world Australian consumer perspective.

I got this from somewhere else…” QR Codes are the new mini disk ” and this is so true.

Its great that marketers and advertisers are using it… but how about the actual consumers are they? That’s what i want stats and proof on!

Ill update this i told you so soon… :P

Corey, post: 100097 wrote:
sounds like a case of “Resistance to Change” and a lack of education of the uses for QR Codes. QR Codes are used World Wide.

Checkout QR code @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code