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Phillip Parisis, post: 100107 wrote:
Its great that marketers and advertisers are using it… but how about the actual consumers are they? That’s what i want stats and proof on!
Hi Phillip,
Do you mean stats like these?
“Allure even relates that its 2011 August code campaign resulted to 576,000 scans, representing an increase from the 444,500 scans that resulted from their 2010 August code campaign.” (http://beqrious.com/show/2d-codes-in-magazines-increase-228-nellymoser-survey-says)

Here are some more…
14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes on their Mobile Phones in June 2011

This survey is 6 months old. Smartphone usage has skyrocketed since then.

To put these June numbers into perspective, that was roughly half the size of USA Twitter user market.

Hope this helps. :)

Best regs,