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Hi Marcus,

I’ve just started working with a new client – he is starting up his own accountancy business. He’s been working with majors for almost 10 years, but has gone out on his own just recently, and a lot of clients have gone with him.

He’s been fantastic in helping me and my wife sort out not only the startup related aspects of my business, but also in getting us refunds on the 2 years of personal back-taxes while we’ve been living overseas. He’s always been available for quick phone calls on things, and has made a number of recommendations about the way I’m structured, which I’ll take up eventually.. :)

He works on a flat-rate basis, and at his first meeting with us, sat down for an hour, went through who we were, what we do, what our plans were etc, and understood very quickly our goals, and how to structure things for us. From there, he came up with a very reasonable flat-rate package to take care of all of it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you on to him – his name is Xavier, and the company is Axle Edge Accounting group. He is based in Williamstown.