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Jenish Pandya
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I am doing the blog so that I can learn more about the content creation and writing side of the business along with added advantages of SEO and getting customers.
Regards outsourcing, I might do it in the future as I really wanna learn the basics and when I do start other businesses or so I know what I am doing as I do think learning the basics is very important, I am just 21 so I do think I have time for it.
In terms of WProbot (autoblogging) it is more of an internet marketing (selling of info products) kind of a product where people need to replicate sites so that they can increase affiliate sales and more profit and what not. I did see it at Warrior forum but not my kind of a plugin to use at this stage. Philip thanks for informing about it and I do believe if u can make it work thats awesome (you don’t need SEO if you are having heaps of visitors and they convert). Onearmedgraphics and John W its great of you to inform about the pit falls and resolutions of autoblogging for people who dont know that much about blogging, cheers for that.

Josh, you aren’t the first person who read it that way. when I bought the domain and asked feedback about the name some people read it that way as well, we all had a laugh about it and then talked about some massive site name fails. Guess what I am pretty sure they still remember my site and so will you for a while and whenever you recall you will have a laugh about it. Free marketing, I dont like it how people read it but thats the way the cookie crumbles, I can’t stop it.

For just another laugh sakes there was a big company called ” Pen Island” they had a site which read penisland. com or so. After they realized the mistake (from a forum or so) they changed to pen-island. com. I read that 2 years ago and I still remember.