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JacquiPryor, post: 103290 wrote:
Hi. Not sure if I should be looking at the original website link or this one above? for this ‘new’ one:

When I open the site as per the above link, your logo doesn’t load for me – just a little square with a red cross in the corner?

At the ‘news’ page – the first heading is “Thirs post” ? Not sure if this is right… perhaps I just am not familiar with what a Thirs is…

Personally I like to see more of the ‘official’ business info at a site; If I can’t see who/where etc the business is – and finding any info on it is hard, I am put off doing business with them… – i.e. your full trading name & ABN (often throughout the site you are referring to your business simply as “Adept”, which isn’t the full name I don’t believe?) – and often you use “I” but it’s a bit hard to find information on who “I” is?

A phone number is also good – and, a location of your business – not necessarily full address but suburb/state etc.

Just my 2c :)
the new one. Someone else has mentioned the logo doesn’t load either. Interestingly, it loads for me here. It is just a test bed though.. :)
The content, I’m not so fussed about just now.. “thirs” is a mis-spelt “third” – just content filler mainly.

Once I do the real content, I will add more details on the business – it’s mostly missing because, above, no real content.

I will also remove all the references to “I” and make them we I think..

Chris@Tapestry, post: 103279 wrote:
I think I offered suggestions on your flyer.

Does the web look and feel match what you are giving people on paper? b’cards.
Consistency is crucial in developing a relationship between you, your brand and your customers.

Why don’t you spend some money and get a designer to produce a complete brand package for you? Seriously, you will not look back!
This is an investment in your business and the solid framework you make for it.
If you spend nothing, you look cheap. Simple as that.

Would you wear your sports gear to a business meeting?
No? so, why dress your business in a way that fails to communicate effectively?

simple really.. I don’t have the money for full branding just now.. I’m doing what I can afford, when I can afford it.. but yes, I agree, it doesn’t match the flyers.. which do, somewhat at least, match the business cards.
No, I wouldn’t show up in sports gear. Cause I don’t own any. I would show up in neat, tidy, non-ripped, non-faded jeans, and a button/collared shirt. (Short, or long, no matter). I would never show up in a suit/tie.

digitalcandy, post: 103297 wrote:
FYI, your headings not accepting capital letters is because your H2 class has “text-transform:lowercase”.

Remove that and you’ll be golden.

thanks !