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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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that’s dan kennedy’s signature. he doesnt use mobiles, he can only be contacted by fax and yes he uses transparencies. he still commands premium fees and his superconferences and info summits are always packed.;)

i learnt alot about systems and automation from rich schefren but there is nothing new since business acceleration and BGS 2.0. still they are one of the best courses for those who seem to run around like a headless chook.

Kern is cool. yes, he did undergo a massive transformation. cant go wrong with his products. got all of them. :D

if you haven’t yet, check out brendon burchard. he is my current fav. they guy is a wealth of knowledge and his approach suits australian culture (IMO). watch the “total product blueprint” videos.:cool:

Phillip Parisis, post: 100099 wrote:
The last time i saw Dan kennedy live which was not so long ago he was using transparent paper for slides it put me off a little and i call him old school :)

And instantteleseminars that your on should be webinars
Jay i just use for foundation stuff. I also follow Rich Schefren who is a student of Jays im sure.

I watched Frank Kern at the StomperNet launch turn from a nerd internet marketing into this cool surfer dude. It was great info and I do own mass control