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Hi Paul,

I bought a remote from you at the start of the year when I purchased my new (old) car that only came with one broken remote!

I do remember yours was the first site I found easily (I usually investigate for a bit before puchasing), so you must be doing something right with SEO or advertising.

I too work FIFO, but my wife is at home and replies to most customer emails and processes the orders for the days when I am away. I still reply to the more technical enquiries and keep track of inventory. It’s difficult at times, but we are starting to make serious progress.

– Trent

pauljkwa, post: 99610 wrote:
Fellow Loonies,

I have a little business on the web selling replacement remote controls for cars, garage doors, gates etc. It has been ticking along nicely and has effectively been doubling it’s growth since it was first launched in 08.

I am still working at the same time as a FIFO worker in NW WA.

I’m ready to start working to expand my business to realise it’s potential. I believe it certainly has some.

So, I’m here, I guess, to try and pick your collective brain, and to get a little inspiration maybe?

Cheers, Paul