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I would be careful of offering free work. It is very hard to convert a free client into a paying one. As a newcomer, you can’t afford to waste any potential clients by spoiling them with freebies. As someone else mentioned, do this for family and friends. Also for charity/community organisations. Then it’s not free – it’s “donated.”

Get on Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin.

Also, do a few sample designs and post them on your website. Do a couple of “straight,” business orientated designs but also some really imaginative web designs as well.

Established web designers often have crummy or bare bones websites because they are too busy to bother. But a newcomer needs something to show off to potential clients.

If you don’t already have a website. Go to ingenyes.com (the company I work for) and grab a free hosting package. The only thing you need to buy is a domain name (which you probably already have).

Even a quick Word press website that you have reskinned is good enough to get started with.

One BIG word of advice. Do not be afraid to ask for money and don’t charge too little. Set a fair price and stick to it. Good work deserves good pay!

Tim from Ingenyes.