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Hi Gordon
At first glance the site looks great, there are a few things I would recommend;

The tile tag says; Homepage The supplements Lab, I would remove ‘Homepage’ and add a bit more info (keyword rich info)

The first large image – it’s unclear what it is or why it’s there (consider a smaller banner ad, with clear text as to what it is, i.e. ‘Buy Muscle Pharm products here’)

The headline under it – Train everyday…. – same thing, what is the relevance?

The second large image – also unclear what it is or why it’s there (same as first image)

The video – firstly, it’s been removed due to a copyright issue – secondly, if it has nothing to do with your business it shouldn’t be there. Maybe have a page for really cool videos, if you must, but it would be best if they were your videos.

There is a big blank white band down the right – beside the images and video – consider putting an opt-in box there with an incentive to sign up – i.e. free report about the best supplements (example), or (even better) take out the workout info and turn it into a free report (it’s great info). Maybe replace that info with some YouTube videos about working out.

‘Above the fold’ is THE most valuable real estate on your website – use it wisely. Consider taking the text from the bottom (Our goal is to find the very best high performance…..) and putting in at the top of the page.

The About us page really says nothing about who you really are.

The contact us page, should have your actual address and phone number

I would have the 1800 # up in the top banner.

These things all help to add credibility and trust to your site, which is essential in the buying process.

Trish Fehon