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The Infotainer
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JaneB, post: 100320 wrote:
Just to throw a bucket of ice water around…I personally never click on website videos – and I do all of my shopping around on the web.

I can read just so much faster than it takes for someone to talk at me.

So.. if you are thinking of putting a marketing video on your website perhaps you could give clients the option of just reading the info as well.

However – you could take this with a grain of salt. I watch youtubes constantly in my line of work (music) – so I make a quick exit from websites where video is the main means of imparting information.

depends on what your selling

if your selling for example a band for a corporate event- your going to want video- not just audio- potential clients want to see what you look like performing and the way the crowd reacts- it is a demonstration video and so that you can back up your claims that your a party band (if you sell party band style music)