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John C.
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Aidan, post: 100160 wrote:
hi John,

I suppose there are some folk who would fall into the category you might be thinking of but I can assure you the examples I am thinking of are quite savvy and their markets certainly know how to access a website without needing a search engine.

So based on those quite cluey people I would disagree that every website should be indexed – in fact they have taken the necesary steps to ensure that does not happen.

Yes getting found by the wrong people would indeed be a huge waste of time for them too… and their sites are VERY well thought out!

We as a community really need to understand that a website is a tool that can be used in many ways. There have been way too many arguments here from well meaning but misinformed folks who insist they know what everyone else really wants!

Yes of course, there are certainly individual circumstances that call for very specific needs, and I wouldn’t want to suggest that everyone needs to same thing out of their website or technology – even if that is how my last post came across.

I wanted to highlight the fact that it’s important to realise that not all computer and internet users use the technology in the same way as we might (we being the business owners, web designers, marketers, etc) – therefore we need to consider all the possible repercussions of a decision such as to disallow the indexing of a site by Google.