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Stuart B
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There certainly are a lot of businesses who’s owners are extremely rude and unprofessional to deal with. I have spoken to a lot even in the last 12 months. As someone else touched on above, when I try to make contact with them again guess what… They’ve shut down the business and I have to say that it doesn’t surprise me at all. Many of them seem to have survived in business to this point completely in spite of their own poor behaviour.

More and more things are going online as it is, so that’s a big change to compete with as a B&M business to begin with. But then you add to that the fact that the owner of the business has basically got the blinkers on and has no interested in learning how they can do anything better, and treats everyone poorly, what chance will they have in the long run?

I feel sad about it in some ways, but then the flip side of the coin feels somewhat positive to me. It kind of feels like the Darwin theory of the business world. Those that can’t or choose not to innovate, change, or even treat their customers well, will ultimately fall away and make room for other folk who will last far longer and make a more valuable contribution.

Sorry for the tangent but hearing about the poor response from the OP really resonated with me.