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Another slight tangent, but my parents stopped into a cafe the other day, dad ordering an iced coffee with icecream.

When the drink came the base of the glass was hot (obviously just out of the dishwasher) but so was the drink itself. He called the waitress over and she explained that they put a shot of coffee from the machine into the drink, that was why it was so warm. He explained that he wanted his iced coffee to be just that – cold. She took it away and returned…with the same glass…now with icecream melted but an iceblock in it !!

He didn’t take it back or complain again. But he left without finishing his drink and they will never go back there again.

The saddest thing is, that when the waitress took the drink back, it was the owner behind the counter that she talked to, who obviously told her to drop in the iceblock. We’re going to keep an eye on the cafe because we’ve taken bets on how long until the cafe is on the market…

Wendy :)