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I must say be careful with this strategy, as Ed Dale promoted on the Challenge this year, FB is not syndicating all of the auto post content to all that like your page, so you are better off posting to FB manually at least.

Phillip P, post: 100357 wrote:
Just create all the social media you want and get it automatically updated using free service like posterous.com

It will update multiple blogs, social media and different things at the same time.

One thing with FB also, don’t get too hung up on numbers of fans/followers/likes etc as anyone that clicks your like button whilst using FB as a “Page” will not show up in your likes tally, but they will still get your manually updated status updates etc.

Being B2B make sure you have your FB stream & Twitter Stream on your website somewhere as this will also help. (something I need to do myself lol)

I hope this helps – lets hope for a Sunny Brissy Chrissy :)


Steve Fallon