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geegee, post: 100455 wrote:
Hi Linda

I use Zen Cart for my website: http://www.thehorsestall.com.au.
I have been learning how to use it along the way.
I quite enjoy being able to tweak everything myself. Just find a free template that almost suits you, then make it your own by changing colours etc.
If you use the Image Handler add-on then adding images is easy.
It is easy to add descriptions. The hard part is what to write.
The majority of my customers pay via PayPal Express and this works fine for me.
The forum at Zen Cart is excellent if you need help along the way.


Thanks to all who replied.
Your page looks good Robyn. The main thing i needed to know was how to install a template onto my shop page where zen cart is installed?

Right now all I have is something saying “congratulations you’ve installed zen cart..” etc.. id prefer not to use the same theme as on my website (which the shop will link from) since that theme has a slider and wouldnt work for the shop.

i used wordpress for the website theme and want to use wordpress also for the shop page. any suggestions what the next step is in getting a theme on my shop page? Wiz, i’d also love your input on this …

thanks :)