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Phillip Parisis, post: 100093 wrote:
Hi Michael,
Here is some advice that you should take action on now – grab a page called something like I Survived the 2008 GFC or something like that… that people can relate too and like the page. Spent about 5 bux a day advertising on facebook ads to small businesses and watch that page take off.

Hi Phillip,

That’s a good idea- a catchy page related to the business area or a relevant current event. I’ll give it some thought.

Tying it all together seems to be the trickiest part of social media promotions – Getting the Facebook pages, Twitter stream, main company website, etc to act as parts of a unified whole will require a lot of planning an co-ordination. I’ll need to to a bit more research to see if the time investment can be justified at this stage when so much else needs to be attended to (not least of which is finalising development of the actual product).

Thanks for your advice.