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hymstrategies, post: 100255 wrote:
i wasn’t referring to the design. it’s why i said pick 1. designs don’t build lists. it’s the marketing system that attracts and converts clients. This is something very few people understand. They try to be corporate when they are not corporate nor do they have a corporate marketing budget.

Not sure how you came to the conclusion that perry marshall is a hack or a snake oil sales man. I have his courses and his stuff works. nowhere does he encourage manipulation or exploitation. the guy is a customer advocate. can u match his guarantees?

Fact is, he generates 7 figures and his students do very well. it’s very easy to criticise and quite frankly if you’ve been in SEO long enough, you would know that the term “snake oil salesman” is more relevant in that industry.

I prefer the principle of following an expert and question their methodologies when i exceed my income expectations – as long as their teaching does not compromise my values. why fix something that isn’t broken?

Rule number of marketing is not to assume what your customer wants or what works without testing. most often, what works is illogical and doesn’t sound right on paper (initially) . just ask any adwords or copywriter veteran.

if you want corporate clients, then look at this site for ideas.

Maybe I was a bit harsh on ol Perry but the fact is that I distrust any ‘Guru’ who makes most of their money by selling their “money-making-systems” especially when their website is basically just a sales letter with a video that auto plays when the site loads. Those things don’t inspire trust and I immediately have my defences up.

Web design does matter a lot, if you don’t inspire trust and provide a clear path for users to interact with your business then you will lose out.

I would not trust the advice of anyone who writes self help books, far too seedy.