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The great thing about both Twitter and your Facebook business page are that both are indexed by the search engines well, and content on them stays there forever!

So if you were to make a post once a day on your facebook page that automatically syndicated to Twitter, and each had a link to a blog post of yours, or an internal webpage on your website, then you have the potential of over 700 backlinks to your website which could go a long way towards your ranking in Search engines.

It is just about finding the time to do it yourself, or the money for someone to manage this for you.

The other great benefit is that if you are in a market with average competition, from an SEO perspective, you could potentially rank first page for keywords with your
Facebook page
Youtube channel
Youtube videos
Images if you use them in FB or Twitter

That is called domination, and no one talks about that, and is especially doable over time in local business markets and targeted areas.

If I Google my name, then I see I dominate 6 out of the 10 first page results (out of 20 million ) due to my activity over the last 6 years, without trying to optimise for it.

I hope this helps