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julianc, post: 100268 wrote:
Hi all,

As a graduate myself, looking back at what was taught – I was essentially pre-programmed to become an employee at a company. At the time of graduating starting my own business wasn’t even a consideration. I believe that if I had known then what I know now, or at least encouraged or educated by school about such possibilities, then a World of opportunities would have been visible at the time of leaving school.

I believe although graduates may lack experience in most aspects of life, both personal and business – they also have fresh minds and ideas. However in addition to this, more often than not… they haven’t built up a family with a large mortgage and to start a business would risk them very little. They should be encouraged and supported by friends, families and more importantly their education that it is ok, acceptable to start their own business.

I will be sure to teach my children that running their own business is as normal as working for others.

Julian Cassin

Yes but don’t underestimate what you can learn from working for someone else. I can not see my self working for someone else but I don’t regret the education and preparation I gain from being an employee for 15 years.