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James Millar
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julianc, post: 100298 wrote:
Absolutely! I guess there is a trade off. Working for a company will give you invaluable information as what to do and what not to do for years to come, but it still doesn’t change the increased risk that an established lifestyle brings.

Julian I think there is a lot of merit in what you are saying but maybe there is a little more to the risk issue. Sure the lifestyle risk may be lower in your early 20’s but arguably the funding risk and general knowledge risk is much higher at that age. Not many twenty year olds have funding available to kick off a conventional startup that has rapid growth plans. They are also generally short on much of the general business experience that unfortunately comes with time. Sure there are exceptions in talent and it does depending in the business model (tech startups lending themselves to lower funding needs to pilot).

I think the various education institutions are trying to teach more practical business skills but the challenge is that much of this can’t be taught – it must be experienced in a real world environment where there are serious consequnces for making bad decisions (as opposed to making case study strategy with fictious budgets where it is assumed that investors will open their wallets. There is a lot of skill that goes into raising capital and mitigating risk to comfort investors for example)

Depsite all of that – it’s great to see youngsters being more entrepreneurial and not being brainwashed into thinking that employment is the only option. I agree on that completely.

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