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The Infotainer
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OK foldf here are some details (sorry I have had gigs on and could not reply)

shared server- YES
It was working at one point and then my hosting provider upgraded cpanel and it stopped working

interspire version 6.0.2 I have also a version of the latest 6.1.0 (or whatever it is) I have installed this and same problem

I set it to send 200 per hour

I have a test database of 4 emails (all my own) to test campaigns and it stuffes up with these 4 emails as well- so It is not to 1000 emails

I am sending via cron , although this has failed so I send through PHP (pop up window) which while it works- I have to turn cron off so all autoresponders don’t work

Auto responders do get sent out but not at the right time

I have 1 autoresponder which I have set to send 1 hour after they join the mailing list- but It actually gets sent about 10 hours afterwwards

I have contacted webcity they don’t say there is a problem on their end.
I belive there is but what to do.

safemode- How do you test of find out if a server is in test mode?

I know of the tick box to test interspire email campaign which is turned OFF (because I do actually want to send stuff) can a server be in safe mode

I do belive it is the server because it was at one point working, getting a dedicated server cost too much with web city and to be honest if I was going to spend that amount of money I would want better customer service

It’s xmas time now so no one is replying (interspire or webcity) so I have to sit here with a stupid looking face staring at the computer, not much else to do.

according to requirements
Operating System: Linux or Windows
Web Server: Apache or IIS
Scripting Language: PHP 5.1.3 or above
Database: MySQL 4.1.1 or above
Other: To use autoresponders, your need access to Cron on your web server (default) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows). To process bounced emails, your version of PHP needs access to the imap_xxx functions (default).

I have better than this on my server.

Interspire FAQ page:
Do I need a dedicated server to run this?
No. All Interspire products don’t require a dedicated server, and shared hosting environments will suffice. Please see the requirements page however, to make sure your web host meets the requirements.