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In addition to the ACCC, you may be able to report to the relevant state’s office of fair trading.

The particular ‘breach’ in question could be that the stall holder is engaged in Misleading and Deceptive Conduct, or Conduct that is likely to mislead and deceive – such conduct is prohibited in business, and covered by the Competition & Consumer Act. Persons carrying of business are also prohibited from making False or misleading representations about the goods or services – this last bit specifically outlines that a person cannot:
“make a false or misleading representation concerning the place of origin of goods; or”

A person found to have breached the part of the Act about false and misleading representations can be ordered to pay penalties.

Keep us updated on how you get along with this – will be interesting to see if a complaint does actually receive the attention it should…

(PS: Depending on their ‘business structure’ – they could also find themselves in hot water if they are trading a business but not registered accordingly as a business/ABN etc etc).