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John Debrincat
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ad2405, post: 100344 wrote:
selling Auto Parts One of the main features I wanted is the ability for the customer to select the vehicle make, then model and then year in drop down menus

If you are selling auto parts then one issue you might face is sheer volume of products. If you are selling across multiple makes, models and years then the number of parts adds up quickly. You also might need to consider storing VIN numbers if the parts are specialty or individual model related.

Also maintaining the parts information up to date could be an issue.

So the ability to select from drop down menus is not really your core issue and that may well be better solved using search and not category menu structure.

You might try Pentana Solutions (http://www.pentanasolutions.com) as they specialise in auto and also provide an online shop capability with an automated product feed.

Generally speaking I think that you will be looking in the $10,000 range for design, setup, integration to Xero. Software and hosting for a year will depend on what you use OS + hosting or a SaaS based solution.