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Phillip P
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ad2405, post: 100344 wrote:
Hi guys!
I am looking into getting a professional to design and set-up a Ecommerce site for my business. I just don’t have the time to do it myself and do a proper job. Can anyone refer me to someone that can give a me a rough idea on what it would cost?
As I will be selling Auto Parts One of the main features I wanted is the ability for the customer to select the vehicle make, then model and then year in drop down menus so that only parts for their vehicle choice will be shown.
I have also just started using Xero as accounting software so if I can get something that will have an add-on that links to Xero that would be handy BUT not essential.

We can do the job easily and we integrate directly into Xero.

The price point is really up to if your going to be uploading the parts or you want someone to do this for you on a retainer.

Get in touch :)