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Well, I’ve done my little shopping centre display and thought I’d give an update.

A lot of interest and curiosity. I don’t think there was a person who came into the centre who didn’t look, read the banner, and look again. A few discussions amongst friends from a distance (oh, so it goes on your undies…). That was a positive because I know my banner got the message through about our product.

I also learnt how to display my table and interact when people approached – another positive and I’ll be prepared for my expos.

My aim was to get exposure and start brand awareness. I achieved that albeit on a very small scale, so, another positive.

But I’ll never do it again. I only see the value in these displays for spontaneous buying. The guy with the cheap handbags and kids clothes did not sit down all day. The lady with the magic mop was the same. The “ooohhh look at that, I don’t really need it but it’s only $5” type stands.

So, at the end of the first day I made a decision to not return for day 2. At a cost of only $50 I figured I could spend that 10 hours a lot more productively, so I cut my losses.

The shopping centre display was always only a test and I’m glad I did it – at least now I know it doesn’t work for me !!

Wendy :)