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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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If you really want exposure and brand awareness, get people’s contact details by offering to send them some research and info on the problems that people experience when they dont have your product. shows that you are customer focused.

e,g if i was selling refinance, i would offer to give dvds or reports or series of videos on how banks “rip off” loyal clients in exchange for their contact details so i can follow up on auto pilot over time.

my point here is if you cant make an immediate sales, that’s fine bcos only 3% are ready to buy today. 7 % -17% will buy overtime (3 days – 3 months +) and you cannot reasonably expect them to remember you and your business card/ flyer when they have others things in their life. people forget. out of sight. out of mind.

the only way to turn them into paying customers is to keep in touch as a welcome guest overtime.

This is different from those advertising companies who say that you need to advertise multiple before anyone takes action. it’s their way to maximise profits.

if an ad , flyer or display does not work the first time, change it. you need to test headline, size, message, offer, call to action, color, etc.

if it works the first time, use it as a control and test other ads. the difference has been up to 2100% (two thousand,. one hundred percent) in increased revenue.

if you take your marketing seriously, you will never ever have to sell again in your life and you will increase your business 10X