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The Copy Chick
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Hi Christina,

I’ve had a quick look at your site and it does seem very reassuring, so it would seem promotion is indeed your problem (although it might be worth putting more emphasis on the security aspects on your Home page).

However, there is no live link to your Facebook page which I think needs to be addressed. In your line of business, I imagine a Facebook page would add that extra layer of assurance for potential customers and not having a live link either makes it “too hard” or perhaps “too dodgy”. This would also be an excellent place for your fans/customers to post comments about your service and pictures of their happy pets – perhaps even with their pet sitter.

You could also encourage fans to post their hints and tips for happy pets if you don’t enjoy this yourself – but you DO need to have a reasonably regular presence to build your followers and make the page WORK FOR YOU!

You also need to support other pages to help build your following, so maybe find relevant businesses (pet supply stores, vets, breeders… whatever) with information that might be useful to share with your fans.. and who might like to share YOUR content.

It might also be worth considering taking some time to write 52 handy hints for a happy pet and posting those once a week. There are even online tools which allow you to “schedule” posts so you don’t have to physically be there at the same day/time – but regular, helpful advice is a great way to build your followers. You DO need to check in and respond to any fan comments though.

A referral system for existing customers is a great idea and if you haven’t done it for Christmas, it might be worth sending out a newsletter or flyer to remind people you can look after their pets for school/Easter/Christmas holidays (a reminder for EACH holiday would be better than one to cover all of them). Perhaps you could include a free fridge magnet with it, or something along those lines. Or new Facebook fans receive a packet pet treats (or every 10th fan… whatever works).

You come across as very passionate and approachable on your website, so it’s just a matter of injecting that across a few marketing projects.

Good luck!

Anna :)