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I find it very interesting to see how this thread has developed.

Paycycle has been good to get the wages correct for the employee who started on 1st Dec., which had to be done in a hurry, and to familiarize myself with at least some of the complexities of employing staff. Now we approach the Public Holiday ‘season’ which it doesn’t cater for properly.

Looking ahead, from January with 2 employees, Paycycle would be $19 p.m., yet Saasu only $6 more. My problem with it (and Xero) is precisely that it can do so much. Sledgehammers and nuts come to mind. It’s not designed to be used as just a cashbook. We don’t invoice. Receipts are cash and EFTPOS takings. Just a few utilities bills to pay. Wages paid in cash. Bank feed reconciliation would be overkill. Finding one’s way through all the features to use it in a non-standard way takes time. I may be able to learn to navigate just to what I want without being side-tracked, but teaching someone else to do so to take over for only a month is another matter, especially when that month includes the crucial end of quarter and end of year. Easier by far to use my spreadsheets from previous years as a template.

My solution will probably be to switch to ePayroll or e-payday for payroll from next month. And arrange with ATO to present either a late or amended 4th quarter BAS.

Does the ATO think holidays are taken only in January?!