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Hi CJ – am sure you have enough responses on this thread to keep you busy for awhile.

Have you tried a trial of the MYOB live accounts?

I am personally a MYOB user and find it easy to use. (I use a download not online package so can’t comment on the live one) – but it’s apparently $25 per mth so not too expensive and seems to do everything you need it to.

I am not familiar with the other packages mentioned to comment, but with MYOB you will be able to handle cash takings/spending easily. You mentioned in one of the posts that you receive Eftpos payments also, which are obviously connected to a bank account rather than ‘cash’ – so all you would need to do in your software is have a “bank account” set up and a “cash draw” or similar name set up… you don’t have to do everything by way of raising invoices – you can simply ‘receive’ and ‘spend’ money from your nominated account (i.e. cash draw), plus it’s got the full payroll available, which is simple to use in my experience.

Anyway – all the best… let us all know what you end up deciding, as there seems to be some definite opinions (mine included) about which way you should go :)

All the best