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The Infotainer
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A cat that sits on a hot stove- will never sit on a hot stove again

but they will not sit on a cold stove iether

Just because it failed once doesn’t mean it will fail again, it just means that you need to use a different tactic than those selling the $5 quick sales

timing, undersanding the buying cycle and when people buy your product is good, some people buy higher priced items when they need it, as apposed to when they see it.

any kind of marketing requires continued application, similar to Direct Mail- send 1 mail item and get not much response- send 3 over several months and you will start to get results if your lists is any good- so the continued application of your marketing is important as apposed to one off.

For now when you shop go to those small shops and see how they are doing- see if any of them sell high priced items and see how they do it- grab a coffee or tea and watch the stand and see how they work

When a baby learns to walk they fall over cry but get themselves back up to try again, as adults we fail once and stop – we gotta learn from experiences and in some cases perhaps a shop might not be a good idea, but trying once and failing and never doing it again is (to me) not a good mind set- I wasn’t there so only you can know, but in anything if you fail once- pick up your feet and try again. for $50 I would have tried again